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Trixbox is an open source VoIP platform. It is a CentOS Linux distribution providing an open source telephony package based on Asterisk VoIP PBX. It is formerly known as “Asterisk@Home”. Since 2006, it is called trixbox.

The key factor of TrixBox open source telephony success lies in its simplicity of installation. Trixbox can be downloaded either as an ISO file, burnt on CD and installed on a computer or as a VMware files and launched with VMware tools. Trixbox is licensed under the GNU General Public License.





Trixbox products

Trixbox Community Edition(CE) was one of the widely used Asterisk-Based PBX systems. This edition was open source and completely free. Trixbox CE allowed users to build their own custom features and modules. In 2012, Fonality announced that they would no longer support or update trixbox CE, and instead would focus on trixbox Pro.


Trixbox pro

Designed for large companies
and call centers

Install feature-rich telephony solution
with just one click



Trixbox Pro

Even more structured and regulated version of trixbox derived from Fonality’s commercial IP-PBX solution is called trixbox Pro. It is a hybrid-hosted telephony solution with a wide range of features like proactive monitoring, automatic
software updates, configuration backup, etc. trixbox Pro is designed especially for large companies and call centers.

Trixbox Pro comes in Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Call Center Edition.Though trixbox Pro provides both tech support there are some paid support options.

It’s our pleasure to inform you that IP2Voice hosts VoIP applications and phone systems that include trixbox features. We ensure smooth run and high-level of security of your VoIP software no matter on which platform it’s built.

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