Intuitive SMS Platform
Integrated with Google’s dialogflow

A multi tenant sms platform built by seasoned telecom and marketing professionals for your unique business model. a granular user system suppoerting the admin/reseller/client/agent hierarchy. Integrated with Google’s dialogflow, an artificial intelligence platform, that allows 2-way conversations between your users and vertically trained programmed AI agents and your employees to deliver an impeccable customer experience for your business. Moreover, with IP2Voice SMS your existing or new business phone number turns into an intelligent AI enabled sms marketing number.

A Powerful SMS Platform
A constantly evolving SMS software for marketers and providers

Mass Personalized Messaging

Bulk messaging with an elastic list management phone book allowing you to categorize leads/clients into various groups to achieve maximum efficiency managing of your sales leads and marketing efforts. Schedule personalized bulk messaging on the fly. Use predefined parameters in your the message body. Easy to use templates to make sending mass messages a breeze.

Personalized Mass Messaging

Personalize your sms messages recepients. The contact management features allows easy sorting of your leads. While sending personalized and bulk messages to your your list. Simply host the SMS marketing software for marketers and providers with us and tier 3 support is on us. You can start using the SMS marketing software at wholesale.

Do not pay exhubirant fees for sms when you can directly plugin your wholesale providers API and start using your software at fraction of the cost.

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Developer API

Developer API for advanced users gives you the freedom to integrate the API with yoru software and forget the sms portal. Yet, The software comes with a simple to use API for sending single messages or scheduling more customized and personalized campaigns directly from your very own software or platform by utilizing secure API keys issues by the system. The system is designed for service providers and marketers that want to also allow API users with the system and be able to bill for sms services.

Two Way Chat

Two Way Chat. Send campaigns, allow users to reply and chat with your users on toll free numbers or local numbers. Functional SMS chat windows which allow templated conversations as well as making templates from conversations.

Virtual Chat bots + SMS

IP2Voice’s back end is integrated with Google’s intelligent AI platform, also knows as DialogFlow. DialogFlow allows a multitude of AI features such as: Ordering pizza over SMS or scheduling an appointment with over sms with the help of AI bots is breeze with ip2Voice’s power SMS platform.

What Can I Do With SMS?

Powerful contact management feature allows better management of your lists into groups to effectively manage opt-in subscribers, optout, DND and much more.

Inbound Text SMS

Receive inbound text messages via web, and forward to email if you are not online.

SMS billing

The billing module can be hosted with IP2Voice allowing a multitude of billing scenarios and reseller support.

Employee Collaboration

Enable employees to collaborate, tag, and respond to text messages.

Wholesale vs Retail

Save over 500% on SMS marketing, SMS chat and only pay low wholesale prices.

Artificail intelligence + SMS

IP2Voice’s SMS is Integrated with Google’s dialogflow and an artificial intelligence platform

Small Talk

Multi-Lingual Agent Support

Cross Platform Support



Agent Creation & Management




In-Line Code Editor


Machine Learning

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Worldwide availabilty for your applications hosted on our state of the art servers. Super fast fiber optic network designed for real time enterprise and Voice over IP applications requiring the best speeds and 0 compromise.

THE Perfect SMS App.

User fiiendly stats and analytics for quick analysis and detailed reports for your users.

Trusted by companies of all sizes.


We offer futuristic features to help you to build state-of-the art phone system


Thanks to our servers the mirrored copies of your data are supplied across multiple devices for safety and protection purposes.


You have total control over your data usage and you are free to add resources whenever you need and monitor it from everywhere.


You can backup your data both automatically on daily/weekly/monthly basis and manually whenever it is necessary.

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