Newfies Hosting

Newfies is a free and open source VoIP auto-dialer and voice broadcasting software, which can offer best-fit solutions to variety of industries and businesses.

As an open-source predictive dialer Newfies was built using a messaging system so that it can support distributed processing on cloud servers. The platform is focused on real-time operations and task-call distributions to clustered brokers and workers meaning thousands of concurrent calls can be processed daily. The rate of calling depends on carrier capacity and hardware.

What does Newfies enable?

Voice Broadcasting
Auto dialer
Automated phone system

Who Newfies is designed for?

The platform can be a perfect solution across multiple industries like Finance, Marketing, Emergency, Health&Wellfare, NGOs etc. The system may be installed and used by the companies, who want to build their own phone system. SaaS (Software as a Service) companies also can use it for providing bulk dialing facilities to their own customers.

Get to know solutions Newfies-Dialer provides

  • Live lead generation
  • Telecasting
  • Phone Polling, Surveys and Voting
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Dissemination of information by Phone
  • Mass emergency broadcasting
  • Subscription reminders and Renewals
  • Debt management and Control Solution
  • Outbound call Conferencing

Install newfies with just one click

Newfies-Dialer can be installed on a standalone server for smaller deployments. It currently utilizes the Freeswitch Telephony engine to process the outbound calls. In order to communicate with external systems, Newfies-Dialer has been released with a substantial set of API's to easily integrate the platform with third-party applications. Newfies-Dialer is licensed under MPL V2.

Newfies-Dialer provides training, ongoing support and server monitoring to help you with installation and maintenance process. It doesn’t provide call termination, you should have your own VoIP career.

Glad to inform you that you can run your Newfies dialer on IP2Voice high-performance servers. Our solutions are tailored to your budget and security requirements. We provide Newfies hosting and guarantee 99.999% uptime service. With IP2Voice you will free yourself of all concerns about your data completeness and security.

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