kazoo architecture




up to 100.000 simultaneous calls





Kazoo is capable to let multiple applications redundantly run across the cloud and efficiently handle call requests. Here in are apps that already exist and perform:

  • Multi-tenant, white-label hosted PBX services
  • JavaScript-based GUI framework for building your own interactive modules
  • Widgets for common tasks, like selecting one or many numbers, selecting a destination when transferring a call, monitoring switch activity, etc.
  • Real-time eventing with the switch (Comet style)
  • Robust SIP Trunking Application
  • Programmatic Scriptable Extensibility
  • User Portal
  • Many yet to list

Despite the fact that Kazoo is mainly an API-based telecommunications platform, it also provides multiple GUI applications to start your experience while using it.


kazoo monster ui


The original Kazoo UI is initially developed as a reference application for utilizing the Kazoo APIs.
Kazoo Monster UI core is the new version of the original one. It is a JavaScript-based modular tool for configuring PBXes, trunking services and more.




kazoo ui


There are also various SDKs for developing applications faster with lower learning curves.
We are happy to tell you that now you are able to host Kazoo-based software on our servers. Clustered environments are available for your most complex requirements.

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