March 27, 2018
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Every profitable business makes decisions based on data collected from its customer base. Your database is the backbone of your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), isn’t it?  Whether it’s in the cloud or not, it’s crucial to make sure you manage your database efficiently to keep everything always up and running. Nowadays, technology and data are the heart of every successful business. It’s not difficult to imagine how devastating it would be for your business if your applications underperform due to the databases that support them. Why should you care about Remote Database Administrator? Let’s review all the compelling factors to use DBA service in your company.

Reasons to get support from a remote DBA

Scale your database

As you engage more customers, your data increases accordingly. In this case, retrofitting or upgrading a database may seem a process full of hassles. Trust me, it will be if you choose to organize it with your own resources. To keep away from this headache and additional cost you can opt to outsource your DBA. In the end, the specialized professionals are keen at archiving the old data and bringing the new database without disrupting the current operations. They perfectly understand the intricacies of data dependencies and how to plan database.

Your database should meet your specific business needs

Experienced DBA are keen at optimizing data processing such as reading, writing, and parallel processing. It’s important to understand the best chunk of data and set the parameters accordingly to increase the speed of data processing.

Your database needs constant monitoring and protection 

Cooperating with an experienced DBA, you will be able to keep your database security tight, monitor and address alerts and errors as they arise, assess and improve your database performance, and make sure a disaster recovery plan is there in case of emergency. You can’t find a single person who will be capable of covering all the tasks.  You should make sure your data is in secure hands and two steps ahead of hackers and crooks.

Remote database services, IP2Voice

Your DBA should be backed by fanatical support

If you hardly notice or remember your database, be sure it’s running well. In fact, you worry about your database when there is a problem. But with the right backup system and support team it’s quite possible not to remember about your database at all. However, finding the right person with the right skills isn’t an easy task. You need to organize interviews, give a task, consider alternatives, and finally hire someone you’re not sure can properly handle your tasks or not. If you take care to efficiently integrate remote database staff with your help desk they will become your virtual IT staff without extra expenses.

Your database should be future-proven

This is likely the most valuable advantage of trusting your remote database administration to a specialized company. Your remote database solution should be flexible to match up all the needs you may have while expanding your business. As a rule, a team of professionals will always be updated about industry news and will be able to evaluate companies’ needs and set up the ideal database, let alone recommend the best technologies to update your database. 

Reduced operating costs and time

Constantly improving IT operations while reducing costs is an important goal for every company. Even we put it under 6th factor, most probably saving both time and money is the primary reason you should consider the help of remote DBA. A well-run DBA service is packed not only with best-in-class tools and experts, but also a trusted model of support that ensures the stability and performance of your database. Besides, you only pay for the time spent on your system. No fixed salaries, no promotional costs.


Using DBA service with good reputation, you will not have to worry about your data confidentiality. It’s in the nature of their business, thus they don’t save money on hiring best-in-class industry experts. The stability of your data is in the hands of every single employee in DBA services, including junior and senior database administrators. The difference is junior DBA’s work is overseen by senior ones to minimize the risk of human error. As a rule, this may not always be done in hiring in-house DBAs that are limited by the number and expertise of workers. It’s always up to you to decide whether you want to keep in-house IT staff or trust your DBA to the professionals. The above factors will give you some insights to determine whether you need this service or not. Just consider that you don’t have to keep any burden to yourself, just leave the secondary work to remote DBAs and focus on your core business.      

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