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As it is easy to guess in FreePBX "free" stands for freedom, since it is one of the most popular open source platforms. FreePBX Is a web-based GUI (Graphic user interface) platform for using and managing Asterisk, which is the most famous open source telephony engine software. The license of FreePBX is the GNU General Public License, which is open source. It can be manually setup or be a part of preconfigured FreePBX Distro including OS, Asterisk, FreePBX GUI and other interdependencies.

FreePBX can proudly announce that they have over 1 million production systems worldwide and they are increasing this number by adding 20,000 new system each month. This makes FreePBX widely used open source PBX platform in the world.


The FreePBX Ecosystem

Allow your developers to use it for cultivating powerful communication solutions

The FreePBX Distro

It is free, quick and easy downloadable all-inclusive telephony platform

SIP Station SIP trunking

Get rid of old phones provide phone services by using speedy internet connection

FreePBX Appliance

The only supported hardware solution for FreePBX pre-loaded with the FreePBX Distro


get started quickly by installing freepbx with just one click



Commercial Modules

Add-on features operating with only CentOS or RHEL systems

Reseller program

Aimed to assist resellers for
increasing sales conversion rate


If you are already here, it means you are looking for an efficient platform for building your VoIP phone system; however it is only a part of the story. You will definitely need a reliable hosting service to have your software run smoothly on FreePBX platform.

IP2Voice is here to provide solid infrastructure and exceptional technical support to make server hosting process hassle free. We provide fully managed VoIP hosting service to resellers, system integrators and VoIP entrepreneurs. With IP2Voice you will gain a piece of mind and enough flexibility to scale up and down.

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GoAutoDialer Agent Dialer

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