March 14, 2018
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According to Forbes, 78% of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing into their daily business activities by 2020. Cloud has revolutionized business practices. Both growing and developed businesses are considering cloud as a huge asset for their business in terms of cost, flexibility, mobility, and more. With the development of technology, businesses are striving to keep up with technological innovations that not only help save money, but simplifies business performance and stands out from the tough competition. However, there are businesses that haven’t managed to reap the benefits of cloud computing. The main reason is knowledge gap, people are afraid of what they don’t fully understand. We are sure that after reading this article most people will consider cloud migration not just a simple option but a requirement for their business success.

1. No more security concerns

This is the primary reason why most SMBs switch to cloud. It provides multiple levels of security to keep your data safe from any kind of cyber-attacks, viruses, or hackers. Yet, for the other part of SMBs it is the reason they do not adopt cloud computing. They believe in myths about low-level cloud security. Cloud server providers are able to keep your data secure. Their professional tech staff provide far higher level of security. They secure encryption technology, constantly back up your data off-site, use firewalls, and other security means to keep your data away from any malware. 2. Higher level of mobility Technology not only changes business activities but also the way we work. Cloud has changed our conception of working in an office. It brings other communication tools together that enable the same activities as traditional office phones. Businesses can experience the whole power of cloud in their favor. All they need is an Internet connection. Access your data wherever you are on whatever device you use. Yeah, it’s that easy. Share files and work on the go. No other hardware or software is needed. All your data is within arm’s reach. This is a big opportunity for small businesses to compete with larger ones.

4 reasons to MOVE SMBs TO THE CLOUD

3. Enhanced efficiency

The biggest incentive for businesses to switch to cloud is its superior efficiency. Cloud applications are able to deliver 1.7 times more ROI in contrast with on-site applications. Business radically cut their costs on consulting and support staff. It also does not require huge investments on cloud deployment and upgrading the infrastructure. Cloud is enough flexible to easily scale up and down. You can increase or decrease cloud capacity whenever you want. You will be able to control both your budget and server capacity. This way businesses will be able to spend their money on supporting the growth of other activities and innovations.

4. Improved productivity

What can make your business thrive? High level of productivity. With cloud, you will be able to boost your small business productivity. Cloud computing is a perfect solution for that. Now your employees are able to access any information from literally everywhere, it will make them get work done much easier and faster using familiar and intuitive software that does not require any effort. Your employees will also be able to collaborate with each other without the necessity to stick at the office. It allows to share and comment on data and projects without sitting next to each other. Cloud makes every activity much easier and more pleasurable. So, let’s face it: Who are you now? A cloud supporter or a cloud skeptic? We are sure there is only one answer. You realize that cloud will only benefit your business. SMBs that are already using cloud servers can contribute other benefits to their business that we forgot to mention. You can mention them below in the comments. We will be glad to learn about your achievements with cloud.

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