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Elastix is an open source VoIP platform. Regardless of your business size and requirements you can build an ideal PBX phone system for your business. Elastix is an appliance software that integrates the best tools available for Asterisk-based PBXs into an easy-to-use interface. It also adds its own set of utilities to make itself the best software package available to open source telephony.

Elastix 5 is a high-performance turnkey PBX that's easy to upgrade. Powered by 3CX you get a full featured unified communications platform with soft phones operating on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. 3CX is easy to install since all supported IP Phones, trunks and gateways will be automatically configured. You also get inbuilt video conferencing based on WebRTC. It is configured securely out of the box to protect you against VoIP hackers.

Multi-platform PBX – Linux, Windows, Cloud
On-premise: Virtualized or on a low cost MiniPC
Cloud: Google, Amazon or OVH retain control
Softphones for Windows and Mac
Smartphone clients for Android and iOS
UC features: presence, chat, fax and voicemail to email
Integrated WebRTC web conferencing
Automated PBX Admin tasks
Click2Call from any browser

As the name already implies Elastix stands out with its elasticity. Here we have recapped the benefits that can fit your business needs


Adjusted to small business

Elastix 5 can be deployed on premise or in the cloud tailored to your business needs. It runs on VM, MinPC appliance or Google Cloud

Easy to install and manage

It takes a few minutes to setup Elastix. Many elements of running a PBX are automated thanks to plug&play devices, easy manageable extensions, etc

Enjoy the wonders of UC

With Elastix 5 UC features became easier to integrate than ever at no additional cost (Instant Messaging, Chat, view presence, etc

Install elastix with just one click


Elastix 5 enables utilizing WebRTC technology and scheduling virtual meetings. Plugin & free download, remote control, assistance, screen sharing is available.

Besides all these features, what is more important, Elastix delivers fanatical support via its Forum. There you may find assistance in configuring supported hardware & providers only. Other channels are also available like instructions for installation, detailed configuration guides for different SIP phones etc.

Building your own VoIP system, you are probably looking for not only software but also hosting service. If so, you are on the right place. We provide secure server hosting services for Elastix users backed by impeccable support. Our data centers have the highest physical security and power redundancy. Free yourself from all the hassles of Elastix installation and maintenance. Let us take care of it.

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