January 30, 2018
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When starting a VoIP business, you need to be aware of all the possible types of VoIP services to choose from. There are several types of VoIP services that you may want to go with, or maybe you want to provide two or even three services at once? Of course, only choosing VoIP service type is not enough for starting your own VoIP business. You will also need to follow some steps that we have brought together to launch your business ASAP. In our previous post, we have already presented those steps. Surely the main function of all the VoIP services is to deliver high calling quality, but each of them focuses on different spheres. Let’s figure out the fundamentals of each VoIP service type and for whom they are intended. After considering all the types separately you will understand which one best suits your interests.

1. Call Center solutions

VoIP call center solutions is hosted by a VoIP provider and not a physical location. These solutions will help companies set up call centers that will help to handle calls properly, decrease waiting time, and increase productivity while minimizing costs.

2. Calling cards

Calling card is another type to choose from the VoIP services. This requires a professional switch for handling the authentication and transactions of calling cards. Typically, it includes prepaid cards that can be either pin or pinless. In case of pin calling cards, you provide a pin code with the cards for people to make nationwide and international VoIP calls on landline or cell phones. Your customers then can buy these cards in store or online. With pinless cards, your customers should put their own pin code. Pinless cards are authenticated by Caller ID, callback services, mobile phone apps, and other new services.


Another option is PBX and IP PBX phone systems. Hosted PBX has become one of the most popular options for most small and mid-sized businesses. They are getting rid of traditional on-premise PBX box and save tones of money. IP PBX is a home or business VoIP system that allows internal and external calls. It consists of IP PBX server, SIP or VoIP phones, and VoIP gateway if needed. IP PBX is becoming more popular as many businesses and homes are turning from PBX solutions to IP PBX ones. Usually, migrating and set up process is stress-free for your customers.

4. Unified communication

UC has become a game changer in VoIP system and for many businesses. The combination of voice, mobile, and cloud under one roof has come to replace multiple logins to different sites and vendors. Think of UC as the most efficient, transparent, and cost-cutting system. Unified communication is the modern version of VoIP. UC is typically not a single product, it is a set of products providing stable unified user interface and user experience across different devices and social networks at the same time. Its functionalities encompass all the forms of communication channels across the network with add-on features such as conference call and video call. Nowadays its demand is higher than ever. wholesale VoIP, residential VoIP, UC, IP PBX, PBX, Mobile VoIP, SIP trunking

5. VoIP wholesale provider

VoIP wholesale solution may be sold to other service providers, enterprises, and residential customers. With wholesale solution, you will be able to sell VoIP minutes to people in order to make VoIP calls. Today, wholesale is a very popular business model.

6. SIP trunking

SIP trunks have the most obvious growth in the last few years. They have come to replace Primary Rate Interface/Basic Rate Interface (PRI/BRI) lines in analog PBX systems. SIP trunking is streaming media service based on SIP through which telephony services and unified communication are provided by ITSPs. Most businesses deploy analog to digital gateway and make huge savings.

7. Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP is also another popular service of VoIP. Mobile dialer is a software that is used on mobile phones to make VoIP calls. This kind of VoIP allows you to break down all the rules of traditional VoIP limiting users’ location possibilities and freedom. With the help of SIP signaling mobile dialer connects to any VoIPswitch or IP device to work as a mean of communication for VoIP Audio Call, Video call, and SMS.

8. Residential VoIP

You can provide residential VoIP services to help people set up VoIP in their houses, which they can use for international calls. You can also provide a lot of features at a low price, as opposed to traditional phone carriers that charge for each feature, you will be able to offer them all-inclusive plans. Choosing the right type of VoIP service depends on your target audience, potential clients’ behavior, market situation, and competition. Another important factor for the success of your VoIP business is best-in-class server hosting provider. Your hosting provider should keep your VoIP system always available and run it smoothly. With right hosting provider, you will never hear complaints from your customers in terms of service availability, which is directly proportional to your server performance. Read also our post on building VoIP system from scratch "6 Simple Steps To Start Your VoIP Business".

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