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ASTPP Hosting

ASTPP is an open source VoIP billing platform designed for FusionPBX and FreeSWITCH.

ASTPP aims to contribute a robust billing solution for FreeSWTICH to open-source community. It supports pre-paid and post-paid billing with call rating and credit control. Along with these features it also provides additional ones such as calling cards, least cost routing (LCR), DID management, reseller's management, etc.

The current version of ASTPP is 3.0 which was released in July 2016. ASTPP is based on GPL license which makes it open source.

ASTPP features are categorized into these groups

What are the products of ASTPP?

  • Mobile dialers ASTPP comes with user friendly UI and amazing interface for Android and iOS app, which is available on all softswitches like FreeSWITCH, FusionPBX, Asterisk, etc. Level up your billing system's UI!
  • PC dialers The PC Dialer is designed to meet all the needs of their customers by fitting on computer screen for windows users, no matter what version they use. Stand out with user-friendly graphic interface!
  • Addons ASTPP comes with two primary addons; FreeSWITCH Monitoring and WHMCS addons. It allows you to efficiently monitor FreeSWITCH console and manage billing process. Get full insights on your billing system!
  • Mobile dialers
  • PC dialers
  • Addons

Install ASTPP with just one click and ensure secure VoIP billing

ASTPP has a very cool attitude towards their customers, they are open for their thoughts, reporting bugs, for making ASTPP stable and growing.
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